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141141 HUVEGA 1L / 1 QT 1.10kg
141142 HUVEGA 4L / 1 GAL 4.25kg
141143 HUVEGA 10L / 2.5 GAL 10.60kg
141144 HUVEGA 20L / 5 GAL 21.00kg
HUVEGA 1L / 1 QT HUVEGA is a patented, organic-based, premium mineral supplement. HUVEGA is manufactured using a proprietary process that combines select materials which are sorted, separated and blended to produce this one of a kind liquid extract. HUVEGA solubilizes substantial amounts of minerals in the soil and can enter into complex bonds with various dissolved minerals. It also aids in the relief of oxygen deficiencies which increases the resistance to drought and other environmental stresses and helps the plant accumulate soluble sugar which increases osmotic pressure in the cell walls, enabling them to withstand wilting. Treating seeds with low concentrates of HUVEGA before sowing improves their rate of growth, development of roots and shoots and increases crop yield.
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