MEGABUD 1-1-2 1L / 1 QT

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143999 MEGABUD 1-1-2 500ML / 1 PT 0.55kg
144000 MEGABUD 1-1-2 1L / 1 QT 1.00kg
S-144000 MEGABUD 1-1-2 SAMPLE 120ML / 4 OZ 0.14kg
MEGABUD 1-1-2 1L / 1 QT

MegaBud is a pH balanced blend of extra strength nutrients designed to produce plants with short internodal spacing along with abundant flower sets. MegaBud is for the serious grower wanting to maximize flower yields. Intended for use in hydroponic systems, soilless mixes and soil.

Produces bushier plants with more flowers, you'll be very impressed with the results.
Larry, Vancouver

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