SM 90 1L / 1 QT

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181800 SM 90 1L / 1 QT 1.05kg
181801 SM 90 4L / 1 GAL 4.45kg
181802 SM 90 10L / 2.5 GAL 10.00kg
181803 SM 90 20L / 5 GAL 20.60kg
SM 90 1L / 1 QT

SM-90 is prepared from natural plant oils and blended with the finest quality ingredients. The organic composition of SM-90 results in its ability to be bio-degradable and is also non-toxic to humans, animals and plants. It can be applied as a foliar spray or directly in reservoirs with nutrient solutions.

A great way to prevent fungal infections.
Owen, Lethbridge

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