FLORALICIOUS GROW 1.2-0.7-0.6 10L / 2.5 GAL

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102860 FLORALICIOUS GROW 1.2-0.7-0.6 1L / 1 QT 1.32kg
102861 FLORALICIOUS GROW 1.2-0.7-0.6 4L / 1 GAL 5.22kg
102862 FLORALICIOUS GROW 1.2-0.7-0.6 10L / 2.5 GAL 12.25kg
FLORALICIOUS GROW 1.2-0.7-0.6 10L / 2.5 GAL Floralicious is the culmination of years of research, testing and searching the world for the finest, most bioactive ingredients. The result is an organic nutrient additive made from the best nature has to offer. Floralicious is a concentrated blend of bioactive microbial, plant, marine, animal and mineral extracts.

Floralicious Grow enhances metabolism and nutrient assimilation resulting in lush, green and vigorous growth. It builds the foundation of root and leaf mass needed for superior harvests.
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