BLOSSOM BLASTER 0-39-25 20G / 0.7 OZ

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142740 BLOSSOM BLASTER 0-39-25 20G / 0.7 OZ 0.02kg
142741 BLOSSOM BLASTER 0-39-25 130G / 4.6 OZ 0.20kg
142743 BLOSSOM BLASTER 0-39-25 500G / 1 LB 0.55kg
142744 BLOSSOM BLASTER 0-39-25 1KG / 2.2 LB 1.10kg
142745 BLOSSOM BLASTER 0-39-25 2.5KG / 5.5 LB 2.80kg
BLOSSOM BLASTER 0-39-25 20G / 0.7 OZ Blossom Blaster(TM) is a powerful blend of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers that increases the number and size of blooms. It encourages the plant to favour side branching instead of vertical growth, as well as more flowering sites and prolific blooming. Blossom Blaster includes natural plant derived stress relieving components to ensure plants stay healthy during accelerated growth. It's effective in all growing media and compatible with all base nutrients.
By: Kevin, Kamloops 7/11/2011

Increases the the amount and size of flowers. Great product.

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