BUD FUEL 0-0-2 4L / 1 GAL

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142767 BUD FUEL 0-0-2 4L / 1 GAL 4.60kg
BUD FUEL 0-0-2 4L / 1 GAL Bud Fuel is an all natural flowering supplement to be used in addition to flower feeding nutrients. Use on all annual flowers, vegetables, herbs, containers and hanging baskets. It provides key signals to plants which assist in the transition period and with the development of flowering sites. Indoors, this transition is forced in a shorter time frame and a plants structure becomes stretched due to the change. Bud Fuel limits vertical growth, leading to tighter internodal spacing and a more compact plant. It also forces the plant to develop multiple flowering sites and increases lateral branching. Bud Fuel provides high quality chitosan and low molecular weight natural chelates.
By: Ethan, Campbell River 7/11/2011

A great product to use with all your flowering plants.

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