NUTRILIFE H2O2 29% 1L / 1 QT

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161300 NUTRILIFE H2O2 29% 1L / 1 QT 1.20kg
161301 NUTRILIFE H2O2 29% 4L / 1 GAL 4.70kg
161302 NUTRILIFE H2O2 29% 10L / 2.5 GAL 10.10kg
161303 NUTRILIFE H2O2 29% 20L / 5 GAL 27.24kg
NUTRILIFE H2O2 29% 1L / 1 QT A quick and easy way to increase oxygen to the root zone is to aerate the nutrient solution in the reservoir.

Adding H2O2 is a great way to oxygenate nutrient solutions in reservoirs. An extra oxygen hydrogen atom is created when water is added to H2O2.

The compounds then become very unstable and the extra 02 molecule separates leaving an increased level of water and oxygen in the reservoir.

Perfect for oxidizing and disinfecting.
Evan, Moosejaw

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