184000 - BUGSCAN YELLOW - (SM - 10x25 CM) (PK OF 20)

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184000 BUGSCAN YELLOW (SM - 10X25 CM) (PK OF 20) 0.24kg
184001 BUGSCAN YELLOW MINI - (SM - 10X12.5 CM) (PK OF 100) 0.61kg
184002 BUGSCAN YELLOW DRY - (SM - 10X25 CM) (PK OF 20) 0.27kg
BUGSCAN YELLOW - (SM - 10x25 CM) (PK OF 20) For rapid detection of various flying insect pests What is Bug-Scan® Yellow? A yellow sticky plate made of durable, recyclable plastic with glue on both sides Commonly used tool for the timely detection of a new infestation and for monitoring the population size of pests already present Attracts the most harmful flying insects, such as whitefly, fungus gnats, aphids and leafminers

What are the benefits of Bug-Scan® Yellow?

The long-lasting glue is non-toxic, water-repellent and does not dry out in hot conditions The sticky plates maintain their shape, even at high temperatures and relative humidity Can be hung up quickly, thanks to the integrated hook A grid on one side of the plate makes counting easier With careful monitoring, you can detect infestations in time to intervene at the ideal moment

How does Bug-Scan® Yellow work?

  • Hang the sticky plates in your crop
  • Most flying insects are naturally attracted by the yellow colour
  • They stick to the plate
  • Count the pest insects on the plate at least once a week for a representative result

In which crops can you use Bug-Scan® Yellow?

  • Vegetables such as tomato and sweet pepper
  • Ornamentals such as rose and chrysanthemum
  • Berries such as raspberry and strawberry
  • Propagation
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