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401205 WATERFARM MODULE 0.00kg
401220 WATERFARM 8 PACK KIT 20.41kg
WATERFARM 8 PACK KIT Water Farm is the next generation following the Aqua Farm tradition. Slightly smaller, lighter, and easier to handle, the Water Farm is built out of high-impact plastic to ensure a long service life. Due to its large water capacity and lower water requirements a greater number of Water Farms can be interconnected to a Controller. The Water Farm is a "best-buy," offering all the features of larger systems, at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality or performance. The complete Water Farm comes with: four gallon reservoir, two gallon growing chamber, pumping column, column support tube, drip ring, 1/2" grommet, drain level tube, Elite 800 air pump, 9L Hydroton and the 3-part Flora series. The Water Farm Controller 8-pack is very simple - a container with a float valve is connected to the line of units. A master reservoir filled with fresh water and mild nutrient is located on top of the float-valve actuated Controller. As the plants draw water from their individual reservoirs, the liquid levels drop causing the float valve in the Controller to open and draw fresh nutrient from the master reservoir. The Controller automatically maintains the ideal nutrient level in all the interconnected units. Simple, elegant, reliable and inexpensive.
By: Brian, Edmonton 2/18/2011

easy to connect and just save you. Takes only a little amount of space

By: Mark, Brampton 7/8/2011

Easy to use and always produces great results.