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Outdoor Grow Season is Here!

by Ed . | Mar 23, 2011

Spring is finally here, which means the outdoor grow season is upon us. Do you have the right products to help your garden reach its full potential? Botanicare has all the nutrients and supplements you’ll need for lush green vegetation, large colourful blooms and delicious fruits and vegetables. Don’t wait until the last minute. Stock up for this year’s outdoor grow season with Botanicare now and start planting. Here’s all the information you’ll need to make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood.

Choosing a Nutrient

Nutrient formulas are the foundation of a healthy garden. Plant nutrients have two components: a grow formula, used at the beginning of a plant’s life to promote growth and increased vegetation, and a bloom formula, used just before the flowering stage to help increase fruit and flower size. Although all nutrient formulas are based around the same essential elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) different formulas are designed for different applications, so it’s important to pick the one that suits you best. Botanicare has three excellent lines of nutrients to suit a variety of different gardening needs.

  • Pure Blend Pro: A natural and organic plant food that contain sources of the essential major, secondary, and trace minerals from the land and sea in 100% soluble form.
  • CNS17: A commercial nutrient system with all the required nutrient ions in the correct balance. CNS17 is a one part formula, meaning that additional supplements aren’t required, but can be used if desired.
  • Organicare Pure: A completely organic, OMRI listed plant food designed for use in organic crop production.  This environmentally conscious formula provides great results without the toxic after effects associated with other synthetic fertilizers.

Adding Supplements

Although nutrient formulas contain most of what a plant needs to thrive it’s always a good idea to use supplements with your feeding program to ensure your plants have a complete spectrum of nutrients. Botanicare has a wide variety supplements that contain everything you need to have the healthiest garden around.

  • Pure Blend Original: An organic compost solution that reduces plant stress caused by heat, frost and drought. It allows beneficial microbes to survive in grow substrates and soils, converting organic elements into usable plant energy.
  • Liquid Karma: An all natural plant growth stimulant that contains unique metabolically active organic compounds that produce synchronized and accelerated growth under all conditions.
  • Calpex: An organic based calcium supplement, formulated to correct calcium deficiencies in all types of plants. Adding Calplex from time to time to your garden ensures calcium levels are always ideal for optimal plant growth and health.
  • Humega: A natural and organic soil conditioner that increases the availability of micronutrients and buffer salts in grow media. It also boosts the population of beneficial microorganisms that protect plant root systems from a variety of soil pathogens.
  • Huvega: A natural magnesium plant supplement that solubilises substantial amounts of minerals in the soil and helps plants accumulate soluble sugar which increases osmotic pressure in cell walls and enables them to avoid wilting.
  • Nitrex: An organic based nitrogen supplement, formulated to deliver usable nitrogen to fruits, flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs, and can be used to replenish nitrogen used or lost from frequent watering.
  • Seaplex: A cold processed seaweed that can be used for foliar feeding, soil and soilless container gardens, hydroponic systems and certified organic crop production to produce leafier plants and larger fruits and vegetables.

Fertilizing Your Garden

Once you’ve chosen the nutrients and supplements that best suit your needs it’s time to start implementing them into your garden. Although different plants require different feeding schedules, there are generally two main times to fertilize: In the spring, before you plant, and halfway through the growing season, just before a plant is ready to produce.

After a long winter, once the soil is thawed and ready to be worked, adding fertilizer gives seedlings and transplants a healthy jump start. The first application simply requires you to evenly spread your preferred Botanicare grow formula, and additional supplements, across the entire garden bed before tilling or digging in the soil. Once the fertilizer is spread, work as you normally would to turn the soil and prepare it for the growing season. Watch as your plants come to life, growing faster than ever before.

For the second treatment you can utilize a technique called side dressing. If your plants are in rows create a small trench six inches away from the row, no deeper than four inches. If your plants aren’t organized this way, perform your side dressing by making a circular trench around each individual plant. Add your preferred Botanicare bloom formula, and additional supplements, to the trench and cover it up. You’ll be amazed at how large your fruits and flowers can grow with Botanicare.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Using a root inoculant can greatly increase plant and root growth. Botanicare’s ZHO Root Inoculant increases root mass by 1000 times, allowing more efficient nutrient and water uptake. ZHO Root Inoculant also helps dissolve elements like phosphorus and iron and improves soil structure.
  • Adding Hydrolite to your growing media will increase aeration and improve nutrient holding capacity. It’s also non-toxic and completely reusable.
  • Running out of room in your garden? Botanicare’s Camo Bags hold 30 gallons and have pre-punched drainage holes. Fill them with your favourite grow media and plant right in the bag!

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