• Gardening Teaches Variety of Lessons

    March 27, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    Davenport, IA - How do the Davenport School of the Arts gardens grow? Hydroponically, in traditional vegetable beds, and in blueberry and watermelon patches with the help of a butterfly garden all in neat rows. The school's Technology Student Association chapter from kindergarten students to eighth-graders tend their fruits and vegetables daily. Over spring break, some student were working on weeding and making more healthy the native plants that attract butterflies to a garden that partially succumbed to the freeze last month.
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  • Report Confirms Agriculture's Contribution to Jobs and the Economy

    March 26, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    Ottawa, Ontario, March 26, 2012 - The agriculture and agri-food sector is becoming increasingly modern, innovative, and competitive, and it is becoming a more significant part of Canada's economy. As illustrated in An Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food System, an economic report released today by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Canada's agriculture industry is turning the corner from facing unprecedented challenges to meeting exciting opportunities.
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  • Hopefuls Get All the Dirt on Small-Scale Farming

    March 21, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    A new book by three Vancouver Island organic farmers is both an inspirational account of modern agricultural life and a cautionary tale of long hours and low pay. All the Dirt: Reflections on Organic Farming is a memoir and an instruction manual written by a trio of young women who each started her own small-scale farm about 10 years ago. They soon joined forces to create a sales, distribution and marketing firm for their produce.
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  • Harper Government Paves Way for First Commercial Shipment of Alfalfa Hay to China

    March 19, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    Ottawa, Ontario, March 19, 2012 - Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz today marked the first ever commercial shipment of Canadian alfalfa hay to enter the lucrative Chinese market. Canada gained market access for this commodity in March 2011. Twenty containers of Canadian alfalfa hay have been shipped to China and 40 more containers have been ordered, for a total estimated worth of $600,000.
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  • In Seattle, Plans for a Harvestable ‘Food Forest’

    March 16, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    SEATTLE — A plot of grass sits in the middle of Seattle, feet from a busy road and on a hill that overlooks the city’s skyline. But it’s no ordinary patch of green. Residents hope it will become one of the country’s largest “food forests.” The park, which will start at 2 acres and grow to 7, will offer city dwellers a chance to pick apples, plums and other crops right from the branch.
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  • Wellington Students Need Votes to Gain Extra Funding

    March 15, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    Students at Wellington Secondary School in Nanaimo need public votes to win up to $2,000 to continue the next phase of their green wall aquaponics system project. The sustainable food production system project, which aims to grow trout in a tank using hydroponics with the intention to reintroduce the fish to local streams, has been put on hold until the school can secure more funding. The project has been entered into the B.C. Green Games, Science World's annual environmental action contest, with $24,000 in cash prizes available.
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  • Metro-Agrarians Seek Their Day in the Sun

    March 14, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    An Ohio State University researcher suggests that residents of Cleveland and other “post industrial cities” could meet their basic nutritional needs with food grown in the city. Depending on the approach, Cleveland could retain $29 million to $115 million in its local economy, according to the Center for Urban Environment and Economic Development at the Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster.
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  • Government of Canada Invests to Help Farmers Boost Soybean Exports

    March 13, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    Ottawa, Ontario, March 12, 2012 - The Government of Canada is supporting the development of new international markets for Canadian soybean farmers, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz announced today. An investment of more than $88,000 will help the Canadian Soybean Council (CSC) and the Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI) work together to create a targeted trade development strategy aimed at boosting sales in key markets abroad.
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  • Group Wants Lantzville Farming Bylaw Rescinded

    March 09, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    Members of the Friends of Urban Agriculture in Lantzville have asked Lantzville council to rescind a proposed bylaw and instead address urban farming in the municipality's official community plan. While FUAL came into existence following district council's shutdown of Dirk Becker's Compassion Farm in November of 2010, this is the first time the group has made an official presentation to Lantzville council concerning urban agriculture.
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  • 2012 Urban Agriculture Summit in Toronto, Aug 15-18

    March 07, 2012 | Posted by Ed .

    Around the world people are growing food in cities! From August 15 to 18, the 2012 Urban Agriculture Summit will bring together a diversity of people that are making it happen - design professionals, community groups, social housing advocates, tenants and developers, educators, planners, homeowners, urban growers and others - to share what is working, and to discover what is possible.
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