• CNS17 Consolidation Notice

    September 16, 2013 | Posted By Tony Howard
    Simplicity is a large part of what has made the CNS17 Nutrient line so successful. For years, its media specific one part grow, bloom, and ripe formulas have yielded premium results at an economic price for the home gardener, and the commercial grower. Building upon that success we have simplified the CNS17 nutrient line even further by consolidating it into 3 bottles, for use in all grow mediums.
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  • Botanicare Sweet

    August 24, 2012 | Posted By Ed .
    Looking for something new to enhance your fruit? Botanicare Sweet(TM) nutrients are organic all natural mineral supplements that contain carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins and amino acids. They help ensure healthy leaf growth in the vegetative stage and an easier transition to the fruiting/flowering stage. Botanicare Sweet(TM) nutrients also enhance bioactive esters to give you better smelling, sweeter tasting fruit.
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  • How to Clone Plants with Botanicare Power Cloner

    August 08, 2012 | Posted By Ed .
    Power Cloner(TM) is a plant propagation machine that roots 45 transplant ready cuttings. It can be used with any fruit, flower, herb, shrub or tree cutting and includes and air pump for increased oxygenation levels, as well as adjustable air vents that allow you to control the humidity. Power Cloner(TM) sprays plant cuttings utilizing a high output pump and micro-jets to deliver an oxygenated rooting solution for optimum results and is complete with either a 10, 20 or 40 gallon reservoir. Fruit, flowers, herb and shrubs generally initiate roots in just 5-10 days while trees may take up to 30.
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  • Choosing Your Nutrients and Supplements

    February 23, 2012 | Posted By Ed .
    There are a staggering amount of different nutrients and supplements on the market today, each with their own variations and special formulas. Nutrients and supplements are vital to a plant’s growth, so choosing the right mix for your plants is critical; but with so many options this can be difficult. However, if you understand a little about these formulas and what your plants need this process can be a lot easier.
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  • Hercules Pots

    December 13, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    To get the best results you need the best products. That's why Botanicare has developed the Hercules Pots, a revolutionary product that will vastly increase your growing success. Any experienced grower knows that vigorous roots support healthy and prolific plants. That's why Hercules Pots have been designed to get the best out of plants by developing a remarkable root system.
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  • Tips for Hydroponic Gardening

    June 06, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    Hydroponic Gardening Hydroponics is an excellent way to grow all sorts of plants, but just like any sort of gardening it requires a lot of work. A lack of knowledge and dedication, or the wrong equipment can cause your hydroponic garden to be a failure. Don’t let this happen to you. Follow the tips below to ensure that your hydroponic endeavours are always successful.
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  • Supplements By Botanicare

    June 03, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus Although plant nutrient formulas contain most of what a plant needs to thrive, it’s always a good idea to use supplements with your feeding program to ensure your plants get the complete spectrum of nutrients. Plant supplements are designed to work with nutrients to improve nutrient uptake, replace minerals and micronutrients, promote rooting, accelerate vegetative growth, improve aroma and flavour, and boost size and yield during flower, fruit and budding cycles. Botanicare has a wide variety supplements that contain everything your plants need to reach their full potential. Here are some great products you should consider adding to your garden.
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  • Botanicare Growing Mediums

    May 30, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    Botanicare - ReadyGro, CocoGro, Hydrolite When most people think of planting their crops, they envision themselves planting them in soil. However, there are a number of different growing mediums that can be used to grow your plants. In fact, when container gardening, many find soils to be unsatisfactory because of a lack of aeration, drainage and water holding capacity. To remedy this situation, several "soilless" growing media have been developed. Botanicare, one of the leading manufacturers of plant nutrients, supplements and growing mediums, offers several different types of soilless mediums to suit your needs.
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  • Natural and Organic Products from Organicare

    May 10, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    Organic gardening is the process of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants without using any synthetic or chemical based products. It’s based on knowledge and techniques gathered over thousands of years. In general terms, organic horticulture involves natural processes, often taking place over extended periods of time, and a sustainable, holistic approach. Many people believe organic gardening is safer, healthier and better for the environment. It’s also said that organically grown fruits and vegetables often taste better than non-organically grown products.
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  • Botanicare Hydroponic Systems

    May 09, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    When most people consider starting a garden, they usually think of using soil. This is of course the traditional way to grow things and how it’s done in nature. However, there is an emerging trend to towards the use of hydroponics, a somewhat less natural but much more efficient method of growing crops. So, what is hydroponics and why should you be using it?
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  • Outdoor Grow Season is Here!

    March 23, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    Spring is finally here, which means the outdoor grow season is upon us. Do you have the right products to help your garden reach its full potential? Botanicare has all the nutrients and supplements you’ll need for lush green vegetation, large colourful blooms and delicious fruits and vegetables. Don’t wait until the last minute. Stock up for this year’s outdoor grow season with Botanicare now and start planting. Here’s all the information you’ll need to make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood.
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