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  • How to Properly Set-up Your Ventilation System

    April 26, 2012 | Posted By Ed .
    An improperly installed ventilation system can vastly decrease the airflow and efficiency of your grow room. Even the best ventilation system can rendered useless if your ducting isn’t set up correctly, or you're not using proper fans, as poor airflow allows more heat to radiate through the ducting and back into the grow room.
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  • Introducing the New ThermoFlo Nighthawk

    March 29, 2012 | Posted By Ed .
    Do work in areas that are poorly lit or completely dark? Do rarely have a free hand to carry a flashlight? Then you need the new ThermoFlo(TM) Nighthawk! This 3 watt LED headlamp is the most versatile and dependable headlamp around, and is perfect for a number of different jobs.
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  • Introducing the ThermoFlo Elbow

    November 24, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    Any knowledgable grower knows that ventilation and ducting is critical to a successful indoor gardening operation. However, were you aware that kinks in your ducting could be greatly reducing the efficiency of your ventilation system and costing you extra money? ThermoFlo has designed a new product to address this problem and help your indoor garden reach its full potential.
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  • ThermoFlo Winning Performance Promotion Extended

    June 30, 2011 | Posted By Tony Howard
    Due to popular demand, the ThermoFlo Winning Performance promotion has been extended until July 8th. Ducting, reflective sheeting, and every other ThermoFlo product is 20% off, so if you missed out before don’t wait any longer. You have just 8 days to take advantage of these fantastic deals! ThermoFlo Technologies manufactures their products with environmentally sound materials and state of the art techniques, making them one of the leaders in the industry.
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  • ThermoFlo Winning Performance Promotion

    June 09, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    ThermoFlo Promotion 2011 ThermoFlo is launching its Winning Performance promotion this month, so if you’re looking to stock up on ducting, reflective sheeting and other useful products, now’s the time! All ThermoFlo products are now 20% off, so don’t wait another second to get what you need!
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  • Tips for Hydroponic Gardening

    June 06, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    Hydroponic Gardening Hydroponics is an excellent way to grow all sorts of plants, but just like any sort of gardening it requires a lot of work. A lack of knowledge and dedication, or the wrong equipment can cause your hydroponic garden to be a failure. Don’t let this happen to you. Follow the tips below to ensure that your hydroponic endeavours are always successful.
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  • ThermoFlo Ducting

    May 16, 2011 | Posted By Ed .
    Ventilation is a key part of any grow room’s success. Your equipment, specifically your grow lamps, can create a lot of heat, so a good ventilation system can make temperature control a lot easier. Humidity and odour can also be dealt with by extracting the hot, stale air that tends to accumulate in these rooms. It’s best to vent air outside, however, if this isn’t an option diverting it to an attic or even another room is still better that letting it sit in your grow room. This is usually done by using an extraction fan and ducting.
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  • Reflective Sheeting

    May 05, 2011 | Posted By
    Increasing the lux (a measurement of illuminance, equal to one lumen per square meter) in your grow room can dramatically improve your yield, so utilizing all the available light is extremely important to your success as a grower. Generally, there is a lot of light inside of a grow room that’s not being utilized. That is, it’s not being used by the plants. To not take advantage of this light would be robbing yourself, but more importantly, robbing your plants of the extra potential they will gain through increased light exposure. There are several different ways you can go about utilizing this “wasted” light.
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  • ThermoFlo Back Draft Dampers

    May 03, 2011 | Posted By
    For 25 years ThermoFlo Technologies has offered a wide range of air and ventilation solutions. All products manufactured by ThermoFlo Technologies are designed with customer satisfaction in mind and are suited for a wide variety of applications including agricultural and industrial operations, commercial buildings, new residence construction and home renovation projects.
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